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Intensity Pro









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Intensity Pro

As Intensity above, but with additional analogue component, NTSC, PAL and S-Videocapture and playback.

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro. High Definition HDMI Editing with the compatibility of analogue. Intensity Pro features the worlds first HDMI and analogue component, NTSC/PAL and S-Video capture and playback on Windows and Mac OS X computers. That's great for HDTV or standard definition editing using big screen televisions and video projectors. Work in uncompressed video and eliminate HDV and DV compression quality problems, or use disk space friendly compressed video if required.

Beyond the Limits of HDV
Working in HDTV is exciting, however HDV's heavy compression and limited 1440 x 1080 resolution can cause promlems with video quality and editing. Intensity Pro eliminates these problems by using direct capture from the camera image sensor at full 1920 x 1080 HDTV resolution and uncompressed video quality.

Both HDMI and Analogue Connections
Intensity Pro enables you to capture directly from the HD cameras CCD, bypassing the video compression chip for true uncompressed video quality. Featuring both HDMI and analogue video connections means Intensity Pro works witha massive range of cameras, televisions and video projectors.

Multi Camera HD Production Studio
Perform live production with 2 Intensity cards and cameras plugged into you system using the included Blackmagic On-Air software. On-Air auto sync's cameras, handles monitoring and recording, plus is so easy to use it's ideal for education, theatre, corporate training and much more. Only On-Air allows real time mixing between two cameras with a single button press, so anyone can produce professional results fast.

Playback to your Big Screen
If you're editing in DV, HDV, uncompressed or JPEG video, you can use Intensity Pro's video outputs for incredible quality edit monitoring. Use big screen televisions and video projectors for breathtaking cinema style edit monitoring and experience the amazing quality of your work.

Easy Capture and Playback
All Intensity cards include Blackmagic Media Express, an easy to use application for fast capture and playback of media. If you're doing web streaming or DVD authoring and need fast acquisition of video, then Media Express is ideal.

Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X
Use you favourite video software such as Final Cut Pro™, Premiere Pro™, After Effects™, Photoshop™, Combustion™, Fusion™ and many more. With compatibility for most Quicktime™ and DirectShow™ applications on Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista - Intensity gives you the freedom to move between platforms with ease.


Digital Connections: HDMI in and out, switches between SD and HD video formats with embedded 2 channel HDMI audio in and out
Analogue Connections: Component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video in and out with 2 channels of unbalanced audio in and out. Component video switches between SD and HD
HDMI and Component connections switch between high definition and standard definition
HD format suppport: 1080 lines 59.94i, 50i, 720 lines at 50p and 59.94p. SD format support: NTSC and PAL
Real time effects supported in Apple Final Cut Pro™ and Adobe Premiere Pro™
True uncompressed YUV video caputre and playback for high end production quality
Compressed video capture and playback on supported platforms.
Edit in DV, DV50, JPEG, HDV and DVCPRO-100 HD files on Mac OS X. Edit in DV and Blacmagic's Online JPEG in Adobe Premiere Pro™
PCI Express 1 lane, compatible with 1, 4, 8, 16 lane PCIe slots Live production editing with Blackmagic On-Air
Video Capture and playback with Blackmagic Media Express utility

Highest Quality Analogue Connections
The included break-out cable connects Intensity Pro to all types of analog video and audio equipment. This gives you full compatibility with analog component, NTSC, PAL, S-Video and analog audio.

Application Compatibility
Intensity is an ideal companion for most video editing software. Mac OS X™ compatible software includes Final Cut Pro™, After Effects®, Photoshop®, Shake™, Motion™, iDVD™, DVD Studio Pro™, Cleaner™ and many more. Windows™ compatible software includes Premiere Pro®, After Effects®, Photoshop®, Encore DVD® and many more.

HDMI Quality
Unlike analog connections, HDMI is the new digital standard appearing in the latest cameras, televisions and video projectors. HDMI is fully digital and has no video compression, so it doesn't suffer from any image degradation. Unlike DV and HDV FireWire based video standards, HDMI allows deeper bit depths and full color resolution, eliminating banding and contouring problems in high quality video. HDMI is found on the latest HD cameras such as the Sony HDR-HC3 or Panasonic HDC-SD1.

Accurate AV Sync
Editing systems based on Final Cut Pro™ or Premiere Pro are built for professionals. Editors demand frame accurate capture for perfect AV sync, and with Intensity you get the benefits of fully digital video and audio direct to disk, for accuracy, and quality!

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